Posts By: Larry Stamm

The Gospel in Pictures

Today’s environment is highly visual—television, Web sites, video, and images dominate our lives—and visuals created with new technologies are changing the way we take in and process information. Welcome to our 21st Century context for communication. As we think about sharing the gospel, the Master Teacher, our Lord Jesus, is our example for sharing gospel… Read more »

A Reluctant Witness

Evangelism is generally comprised of prayer, good works and good words. For most of us, praying for the lost and taking opportunity to demonstrate God’s love through serving others  is something we can do – and is typically non-threatening. It’s the talking part that becomes a stumbling block for many – it’s generally the most… Read more »


As a minister of the gospel, I have enjoyed the privilege of regular public speaking since 2003. Whether serving as missionary to my Jewish people, as an outreach pastor at my local church in Johnson City, TN, or in my current capacity as director of a ministry, I derive great joy from teaching and preaching… Read more »

The Most Powerful Weapon

It was simply called ‘the bomb.’ The most powerful weapon ever devised in military history was about to be unleashed upon human beings for the first time. Since 1942, more than 100,000 scientists of the Manhattan Project had been working on the bomb’s development. At the time, it was the largest collective scientific effort ever… Read more »