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It’s very common to think of evangelism as a combination of doing and saying. But there is a component of our witness that may, at times, transcend even our words and our deeds. In fact, this aspect of our testimony can have a dramatic impact upon others. And what is it, you may wonder? It… Read more »

The Answer

The guest speaker made a simple, yet profound observation during the introduction to his Sunday morning message at my home church. He had prefaced his comment by noting he doesn’t like to get into arguments. Rather, he preferred to be agreeable with others if at all possible. Following the preface, he proclaimed, “The world is… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – In Season and Out of Season

Cramped quarters. Isolation. Lack of natural light. Tiny sleeping areas, where beds are sometimes referred to as ‘coffins.’ Minimal restroom facilities. Showers – as small as possible. The food – good enough to sustain life, even after any perishable items are gone. Normal sense of time – as in day and night – is absent…. Read more »

Lessons from Acts – Interruption and Opportunity

The Apple Watch is life-changing! It helps you manage your life in various ways. The Apple Watch can: track every step you take; manage your physical activity; monitor your diet; serve as a day-timer; check your investments; and even enhance interpersonal communication – for example, you can draw out a small doodle to send to one of… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – Trial and Testimony: Part 4

Nervousness filled my being. I had one shot to get this right. There would be no do-over, no replay, no second chance! The one question that raced through my mind was, “Am I ready?” It was my senior project in a Television/Radio Broadcasting course at the University of Florida. I was a telecommunications major. Our… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – Trial and Testimony: Part 2

The party crashers had arrived! It was the annual Israel Day Parade along 5th Avenue in Manhattan (New York City). Our team of missionaries were wearing shirts that stated in Hebrew and in English “Jesus is Messiah”. Over 100,000 people lined up along the parade route to cheer Jewish groups, floats and others making a statement… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – Trial and Testimony: Part 1

What’s your story? It certainly is a topic that on occasion comes up in conversation, during an interview, and in other venues. For most of us, sharing some of our story is in the context of safe, non-threatening situations. But what of the rising pressure against believers sharing their faith worldwide, even here in the… Read more »