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Lessons from Acts – “It is More Blessed to Give”: Part 1

Did you know that forest fires generally move faster uphill than downhill? Upon first glance, the uphill versus downhill dynamic is perhaps something we think about initially in relation to walking, jogging, driving, or snow skiing. It’s a bit counterintuitive to think of anything moving uphill faster than downhill. Yet, upon review, the scientific fact… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – “Mighty in the Scriptures” (Acts 18:24-28)

Billy Graham once was asked, “Billy, how do you grow in the Christian life?” Billy responded, “That’s simple. If you want to grow in the Christian life, wallow in God’s Word like a pig wallows in the mud.” Sometimes the most basic of endeavors are also the most fundamental, profound and powerful! In games like… Read more »

The Wonder of Newness

Stepping on board brought forth a sense of excitement, nervousness, opportunity and adventure. This would be a milestone in my life – not earth-shattering mind you. Yet, stepping into the cabin of a helicopter in Glacier National Park (Montana) with three teammates from my traveling Jewish gospel music team was a thrill…and we hadn’t even… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – Bloom Where You Are Planted

Like a vast array of of parachutists descending from an airplane, seeds travel the wind currents and gentle breezes of the earth, possibly colonizing a distant mountain slope, a fertile valley, or perhaps your back yard. Literally hundreds of species in many plant families have adopted this remarkable method of dispersal. As believers in Jesus,… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – God Gives the Increase

I enjoy internet research. I find it fascinating that with a click of a button, one can access a literal world of information. Curiously, upon thinking about this submission, I wondered about our result-oriented society and the longing for success. Hence, I typed ‘three easy steps’ into the google search engine, figuring someone out there,… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – Contextualizing the Gospel (part 2)

It was Earth Day and I happened to be visiting my sister in Atlanta. I must admit, I don’t get too excited about Earth Day, but on this particular Earth Day I was confronted with a sad reality. You see, as we meandered through Centennial Olympic Park gazing at the revelry surrounding this ‘holiday,’ I… Read more »

Lessons from Acts – Contextualizing the Gospel (part 1)

Once I was witnessing to a friend of my sister-in-law named Don*. We were having an engaging dialogue about spiritual things. After asking Don about his spiritual orientation, he said he leaned toward Hinduism, as was his parents orientation. I asked Don if he wanted to experience nirvana, and he responded in the affirmative. In… Read more »