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Lessons from Acts – Alliance, Defiance & Silence

Francis Bellamy (1855-1931) was a Baptist minister’s son from upstate New York. He distinguished himself in oratory at the University of Rochester before following his father to the pulpit, preaching at churches in New York and Boston. Later in his life, while working for a family magazine called the Youth’s Companion, he set to work… Read more »

Divine Appointments

Friday morning – Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, July 1. I’m flying home to Tennessee. As I’m passing through security I notice the gentlemen directly behind me also putting his MacIntosh Computer in a bin. The computers looked alike. I made eye contact with him and jokingly commented, “I wonder if people have ever gotten their computers mixed… Read more »

Call to Me (part 1)

Bottled water is a fascinating phenomenon. I sometimes wonder if bottled water today is a matter of necessity or nicety – do we consume it because it’s convenient or because we think our tap water may not be so good? Perhaps, it’s a combination of both, depending on where you are at any particular moment…. Read more »

Praying for Boldness

A careful reading of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution reveals that it protects several basic liberties — freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly. Interpretation of the amendment is far from easy, as court case after court case has tried to define the limits of these freedoms. In regards to speech,… Read more »

A Coordinated Effort

The bomb – it’s a beautiful thing! You may be thinking, ‘What? A bomb – beautiful?’ Yes, I’m actually talking about a pass in football, otherwise known as the long bomb. If you don’t watch football, it is a long, distinctly arcing pass that – when completed for a touchdown or score, can be one… Read more »

The Sign of Jonah

“And they lived happily ever after!” That lovely phrase evocative of childhood fairy tales illustrates a hopeful desire within us. For there is a perpetual desire within the human heart for things to turn out good, not only in time, but in eternity. In the first Lord of the Rings movie ‘The Fellowship of the… Read more »

Swimming Upstream

The journey of the salmon is an incredible natural phenomena. Born in a fresh water stream, they will swim to the ocean after a year of life. After spending 2-4 years in the salt water they are mature and ready for the final and most difficult journey of their lives. Research indicates that salmon have… Read more »