Evangelism Coaching

“Larry’s personalized coaching helps to calm fears, affirm witnessing, and sharpen tools when joining with God in witnessing. We left our personalized coaching session more confident in joining with the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s work in evangelizing.” – Jeff Champlin

Steve was a nominal Christian who hungered to know the Bible and God more authentically.  Over time, as we studied the Bible together, he aspired to effectively share his faith in Jesus. We began to study the how-to of witnessing and then he joined me on an evangelistic outing.  Now we stand side by side fulfilling the Great Commission.         

Carter hit a wall in his witness to Jewish friend and called me for tips. A week later, the three of us met in a cafe while I shared my testimony over a cup of coffee.  Carter now has a better understanding of qualifying his friend’s spiritual temperature so he can be a more effective witness.  

Rebekah befriended an unchurched coworker and their conversations eventually turned toward religion.  Rebekah was stumped by some of her friend’s objections to Jesus and called me for answers.  After coaching that provided her with encouragement and boldness, Rebekah continues to witness with more confidence.


“I love teaching and coaching! As a tennis coach, missionary, and pastor, facilitating the process of understanding and application is exciting. To invest in the specific effort of Christians proclaiming the gospel in the marketplace is my highest aspiration.”

“As a professional tennis coach for 14 years, I ignited growth and empowered the achievement of personal goals. To invest in the specific effort of Christians proclaiming the gospel is my highest aspiration.”

Larry has been on the frontline of evangelism since 1997 sharing the gospel in a variety of settings from the tennis court, over the phone, in people’s homes, on the streets of big cities, outside stadiums and arenas, at school assemblies, on college campuses, and even in a synagogue! He is not locked into one methodology of witnessing, and has first-hand experience in both personal and professional witnessing.

If you’re stuck in your witnessing conversations and need encouragement or advice, email Larry at lsm@larrystamm.org or use the contact form below.

“Larry was an fine teacher and motivator of our young ETSU tennis players.

He helped them to grow technically and emotionally in their competitive careers.

But, more importantly, he was an outstanding mentor, influencing their values and life skills

so that they could become mature and productive adults of character.”

– Dave Mullins, Athletic Director, East Tennessee State University