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May 1st, 2019

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You can handle the truth about different worldviews. As we’ve noted, various religions and philosophies can be distilled down into a few basic worldviews – including naturalism, pantheism, theism, spiritism & polytheism, and postmodernism. Naturalism holds that the physical universe is all that exists. There is no spirit or soul – therefore man is simply the chance product of evolution. All things are explained on the basis of natural law. …

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You can handle the truth about Postmodernism. In simplest terms, this complex and abstract worldview, which dominates increasing segments of our society, holds that people are simply products of of their social setting or culture and ‘truths’ are mental constructs of individuals based upon their own individual cultural setting. Therefore values are individual based upon those same cultural paradigms – the implication being there are no universal values. In …

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