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April 10th, 2021

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Inspiration is a powerful tool that can lead to action. As a young tennis player I would be moved watching my favorite tennis players on television. Following a match on television I was greatly motivated to head to the courts and try imitating my heroes. John McEnroe, the top-ranked player in the world from 1981-1984, was my favorite player. His passion for the game and artistry in which he …

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During my youth my father patterned a good work ethic for me to follow. I remember him on more than one occasion saying, “Kid, there are no free lunches.” It was his way of telling me that if I wanted something, I’d have to work to get it. In other words, I’d have to earn it.  So simple, yet so profound and fundamental to life on this earth. We …

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Discrimination is a good thing! Whoa! What do I mean by that, you may wonder? Well, let’s define the word and unpack the context of the statement, which is also good!  Discrimination: recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.  There’s a simple definition. The context of the statement for our purpose is discriminating between biblical Christianity and all other religions. In that light, Paul, in …

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