Larry’s teaching leaves the hearer longing to carry the Cross of Jesus The Messiah the extra mile. His basis for understanding of the scripture preps your walk by washing your feet thoroughly with the Word and fitting you comfortably with the shoes of the Gospel of Peace.

I appreciate the informal and discussion-oriented atmosphere [of the evangelism class]. I have spent a lot of time worrying that I wasn’t doing enough of the right things. This class really reminded me that I was forgetting to rest and trust the Lord to do His work through me. Thanks Larry!

Tracy Hale

Larry’s ministry is and has been a wonderful blessing to our church.  Larry is filling a niche that few others are attempting to fill.  He has done evangelism training in our church; he has led Christ in the Passover in our church; and on a pastoral level, I am blessed to read Larry’s weekly devotional—which helps me to stay focused on evangelism both in my own life, and also in my church leadership.

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