Evangelism Equipping

Over the years I have read several books on personal evangelism. [Serving in His Court] is the best one I have seen. The writer uses real life stories and explains that evangelism is a ‘process’ that often takes a lot of time. It addresses the opposition we face and why it’s important to understand what we are up against. Chapter four talks about the equipment needed for sharing our faith. The standard operating equipment (SOE) consists of three important things you will need to know. The author makes it clear that we need real help if the good news is going to be given to others effectively. Further you will be challenged to ask yourself how passionate you are for the wellbeing and future of others. You will discover effective methods to overcome fear and realize witnessing conversations come from God. Further it also describes the importance of using questions and gives you 10 examples of conversation starters. If you desire to be a part of making a difference for eternity I would strongly encourage you to pick up a copy.

David Gemar

I appreciate the informal and discussion-oriented atmosphere [of the evangelism class]. I have spent a lot of time worrying that I wasn’t doing enough of the right things. This class really reminded me that I was forgetting to rest and trust the Lord to do His work through me. Thanks Larry!

Tracy Hale

We have been instructed and challenged, both by your information and your wisdom, as God has revealed so many new truths to us through your words. Thank you for serving God in such a tangible and faithful way. Thank you for sharing your insights and God’s truth with us.

The Grahams

I get [weekly devotionals] from Larry Stamm, a friend of mine in Johnson City, a Jewish man who years ago came to faith in Christ and has spent his life since then telling Jews about Jesus, telling both groups about what they have in common and how they differ, and telling Christians how to witness to Jews. He’s a man of prayer. In addition to the very useful newsletters, we’re blessed by his promptness in responding to specific requests with good insights, useful resources in print and very useful links, especially most recently about our relative becoming a Muslim.

Larry’s personalized attention [with one-on-one evangelism coaching] really drove home how important “relational” ministry is!

Michelle Champlin

Larry’s personalized evangelism coaching helps to calm fears, affirm witnessing, and sharpen tools when joining with God in witnessing. We left our personalized coaching session more confident in joining with the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s work in evangelizing.

Jeff Champlin

In ‘ReGeneration Discipleship/Recovery in Christ’ we are constantly checking ourselves on keeping people focused on Christ’s power and focusing on him…on his words…on his affirmations of who we are in him. Larry’s “Faith Based Conversations” pamphlet is a resource we have used to help get the conversation going and provide helpful points on being effective for Christ.  Larry has a passion for helping others find Christ and this pamphlet gives us some very important lessons bursting with wisdom from that passion!!

Rick and Sherry Watford

Appreciate the Faith Based Conversations brochure – very useful! Thanks for all you do in Christ’s name and for helping others confidently discuss the Gospel.

Scott Fielden

Our church spent four weeks with Larry [as he led the Personal Evangelism Primer], and he is the real deal. Our pumps were primed to practically share the Gospel.

Discipleship Minister Evan Wolfe Poplar Ridge Christian Church

As a pastor, [Serving in His Court] is easily one of the best books on personal evangelism I have ever read. As a believer who struggles just like everyone else in comfortably sharing your faith, it is an absolute must. Both the author’s experience as a coach, and the heart that he has for God, His Kingdom, His Church and the world all come through in encouraging and challenging ways. The discussion of why we need the Gospel is worth the price of the book by itself! If you want a great book to use in a small group, or just want to be encouraged and coached in your own witness, you won’t find a better book than this. Highly recommended!

Pastor Tim Price

I’ve read many books on evangelism. I’ve been through the training classes and gone to seminars. Then I read [Serving in His Court] and was blown away. It is full of practical tips but not preachy. It is Gospel centered, theologically well-written, and reaches people where they are. Drawn from his years of evangelistic ministry and life experiences one cannot help but wonder if all tennis coaches are like the author. Simple yet powerful with examples that people can relate to, that I related to in my own life. This tool is well suited for all walks of life and should be bought, used, and re-used. Get yours today; you will not be disappointed.

Joel Kavanaugh

We truly enjoyed every minute of your teaching this weekend. Thank you so much for your dedication and passion for evangelism and for teaching us how to be intentional, relational and available for His kingdom and for His glory. We can’t wait to do it again! I highly recommend Larry Stamm’s evangelism class. A must do for every Christian!

Varinka Williams


Jewish Roots Teaching

Jack and I would like to THANK YOU for the fabulous presentation you gave on Friday and Saturday…you did a great job. I wish that you would [teach about] the festivals as they occur during the year so that we would understand them better. God is so good and we are so thankful to be one of His.

Miriam Bauserman

We had a wonderful time learning about Redemption and the meaning of the Passover seder.

Dr, Gordon Williams

Larry, I really appreciated the seminar on the Jewish Roots of Christianity today. It enriched my contextual understanding of the Scriptures and deepened my faith. Your presentation was easy to follow and very enlightening! Thank you! I am looking forward to the seminar on personal evangelism next Saturday.

Liz Bowman

Enjoyed a very educational Seder supper at church this evening. Too often we go about our days never thinking about the significance of mundane things. Not so for a Seder. The symbolism of each of the elements of the meal is so profound. We were truly blessed by Larry Stamm who taught us so much. Thank you, Larry!

Your presentation was amazing and eye opening…what a blessing!

Over 200 people crowded into the East auditorium to hear Larry discuss the Jewish Roots of Christianity on Friday night and Saturday morning. Larry did an excellent job, and many left with fresh insight regarding the linkage of the OT with the NT. I am privileged to count Larry Stamm as a friend of 20 years and I have the utmost respect for him and for Lori.

Pastor Tom Oyler Grace Fellowship Church

Larry’s teaching leaves the hearer longing to carry the Cross of Jesus The Messiah the extra mile. His basis for understanding of the scripture preps your walk by washing your feet thoroughly with the Word and fitting you comfortably with the shoes of the Gospel of Peace.

Engaging and insightful [Jewish roots of Christianity] seminar with a splash of Jewish humor. We gained a deeper understanding of our Christian faith from our Jewish Savior told with sincerity, honesty and love.

Dennis & Donna Seagroves

We thank God for Larry’s ministry to Covenant Community Church during the past year. Through his Christ in the Passover presentation, Larry powerfully shared his personal testimony as he unfolded the rich symbolism in the Passover meal. At our all-church retreat, he led us through Christ in the Old Testament, providing some rare insights and really helpful tips for evangelism among Jews. Larry has become more than just a speaker to us — he is a trusted brother and a faithful friend. We thank God for you, Larry, and pray His continued blessings on your ministry.

The Jewish Roots Seminar was outstanding. I loved the way Larry integrated the Old Testament faith with New Testament faith. From prophecy, history, and even to today’s modern church, Jesus was clearly presented as the Messiah for all people. I am more confident in my relationship with God and in my ability to tell the world about Him because I spent a few hours soaking up all of the great material in the Jewish Roots Seminar.

Bryan Henderson

Larry breathed fresh life into our annual Seder observance at Valley Forge UMC. We were somewhat familiar with many of the pictures of Christ in the Passover celebration. However, Larry gave us new appreciation for how vividly Christ is portrayed  He was so personable we felt like were celebrating with an old friend. Also, his personal testimony and knowledge of scripture was inspiring to everyone.

Larry Stamm is a passionate and gifted speaker who teaches from the overflow in his own life. When it comes to connecting with our Jewish roots as modern day Christians, no one can make the topic come alive like Larry. He will give you a fresh perspective on your faith that will inspire you to want to share it with others.

It is my great honor to endorse Larry Stamm Ministries. Larry is a Messianic-Jewish believer, teacher, and evangelist, and has done a number of presentations at First Baptist Church in Morristown, Tennessee helping us as Gentile believers better understand our Jewish roots. He has a gift of taking that which is complex and explaining it in simple language. I would strongly encourage you to use Larry to help your people understand the Scriptures from our Hebrew roots.

Larry’s ministry is and has been a wonderful blessing to our church.  Larry is filling a niche that few others are attempting to fill.  He has done evangelism training in our church; he has led Christ in the Passover in our church; and on a pastoral level, I am blessed to read Larry’s weekly devotional—which helps me to stay focused on evangelism both in my own life, and also in my church leadership.

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