Serving In His Court: Biblical Principles For Personal Evangelism From The Heart Of A Coach

Over the years I have read several books on personal evangelism. [Serving in His Court] is the best one I have seen. The writer uses real life stories and explains that evangelism is a ‘process’ that often takes a lot of time. It addresses the opposition we face and why it’s important to understand what we are up against. Chapter four talks about the equipment needed for sharing our faith. The standard operating equipment (SOE) consists of three important things you will need to know. The author makes it clear that we need real help if the good news is going to be given to others effectively. Further you will be challenged to ask yourself how passionate you are for the wellbeing and future of others. You will discover effective methods to overcome fear and realize witnessing conversations come from God. Further it also describes the importance of using questions and gives you 10 examples of conversation starters. If you desire to be a part of making a difference for eternity I would strongly encourage you to pick up a copy.

David Gemar

As a pastor, [Serving in His Court] is easily one of the best books on personal evangelism I have ever read. As a believer who struggles just like everyone else in comfortably sharing your faith, it is an absolute must. Both the author’s experience as a coach, and the heart that he has for God, His Kingdom, His Church and the world all come through in encouraging and challenging ways. The discussion of why we need the Gospel is worth the price of the book by itself! If you want a great book to use in a small group, or just want to be encouraged and coached in your own witness, you won’t find a better book than this. Highly recommended!

Pastor Tim Price

I’ve read many books on evangelism. I’ve been through the training classes and gone to seminars. Then I read [Serving in His Court] and was blown away. It is full of practical tips but not preachy. It is Gospel centered, theologically well-written, and reaches people where they are. Drawn from his years of evangelistic ministry and life experiences one cannot help but wonder if all tennis coaches are like the author. Simple yet powerful with examples that people can relate to, that I related to in my own life. This tool is well suited for all walks of life and should be bought, used, and re-used. Get yours today; you will not be disappointed.

Joel Kavanaugh

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