The Gospel in Pictures

Today’s environment is highly visual; television, web sites, video, and images dominate our lives. And, visuals created with new technologies are changing the way we ingest and process information. Welcome…

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Water flowing out of a clay pot.

As a minister of the gospel, I have enjoyed the privilege of regular public speaking since 2003. Whether serving as missionary to my Jewish people, as an outreach pastor at…

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I’m Good

Black and white image of a man with hands up

My daughter Shoshi and I share a love of music. Today, she is a good ukulele player. A few years ago I introduced her to a string instrument, teaching her…

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Praying for Boldness

A multi-colored lion's head in a low poly style.

A careful reading of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution reveals that it protects several basic liberties — freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly. Interpretation of…

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Woman holding a lit sparkler.

It’s common to think of evangelism as a combination of doing and saying, yet there is another component of our witness that may, at times, transcend even our words and…

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Pilgrimage to Zion

A DVD cover of a documentary about pilgrimage to Zion.

Watch the trailer for our newest equipping resource by clicking this link. DESCRIPTION: Walk where Jesus walked on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Larry Stamm. Filmed on location…

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