Jewish Roots of Christianity DVD




In one sense it may be stated that the gospels are simply a Jewish debate among Jewish people about the true identity of a Jewish man, Jesus. And the story takes place in the Holy Land, Israel. Now what could be more Jewish than that?

Larry Stamm unpacks the wonder and awe of the gospel of Jesus by connecting the dots between the Jewish Scriptures, the Old Testament, and the New Covenant Scriptures, the New Testament. In “Jewish Roots of Christianity: A Biblical Survey of Redemptive History from Genesis to Revelation”, we will examine Biblical Judaism, the religion of the Old Testament, in its ultimate fulfillment of the messianic hope as detailed in page after page of the New Testament. Jesus himself challenges us to “search the Scriptures…it is these which bear witness of me” (John 5:39).

It’s been said the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. In this biblical survey, Larry Stamm, a first-generation Holocaust survivor and Jewish believer in Jesus, examines such topics as: the gospel in the Old Testament, how the Feasts of Israel point to the person and work of Messiah Jesus, and more.