Walk Through the Jewish Holidays with Larry: Hanukkah


The only biblical reference to a well-known winter holiday that Jesus celebrated is interestingly referred to as the “Feast of Dedication”. Larry Stamm’s Jewish people call it Hanukkah! This holiday commemorates a miraculous event that occurred during the inter-Testamental period, approximately 165 BC, and it holds much meaning for both Jews and Christians today.



Why should Christians care about the biblical Jewish holidays? These mo’edim (appointed times) are the treasures which connect the Old and New Testaments. Jesus observed the biblical holidays and often used them to provide deeper insight into the Father’s plan and His promises to us. If they were important to Him, then there’s a lesson to be learned for us and application for greater boldness in our walk and witness for Him. Walk with Larry as he makes insightful connections through his lens as a Jewish follower of Jesus.


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