Walk Through the Jewish Holidays with Larry: Passover


You are invited to join Larry Stamm as he sets the table with items traditionally used at the Passover seder and details their spiritual significance. You’ll also learn about the connection between the events of the first Passover in Egypt and the redemption that Jesus accomplished through his death and resurrection, as well as the deep bond between the ancient Passover feast and the Christian communion celebration today.



Why walk with Larry through the Jewish holiday of Passover? Passover is not merely an historical narrative. Passover is meant to be experienced with the senses and in community yet personally as if each participant were reenacting the events recorded in the Old Testament. Jesus Himself observed Passover at the Last Supper and used its symbols to communicate profound truths. Through learning more about Passover in this DVD, you will be reminded of God’s sovereignty and merciful provision in liberating humanity from the bondage of sin and death through the Messiah. Walk with Larry as he highlights the symbols of Passover and recounts the amazing narrative of redemption.


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